Monday, March 14, 2011

Jesse Reno

So something came over me and I decided to go to Seattle to attend a Jesse Reno workshop! I was emailing Teesha (Moore, the organizer) about his classes during Arfest when, somehow, I found out he would be teaching a 3-day workshop on that same week! And there was only ONE spot left! Meant to be much? I took it!

I was very nervous about the whole thing at first. This would be my first time in so many aspects: leaving my kids, traveling by myself, attending an art class! At the same time, in the midst of all the nervousness, it was an accomplishment too. It was the first time I was doing something for myself, something I was passionate about. It felt good.

Once I got there, all my fears went away. A room full of nice people, receptive people. Different backgrounds, different levels of experience, but somehow that didn't matter...when you're learning Jesse Reno's process and techniques, you kind of have to go back to the beginning, 'unlearn' whatever rules or concepts you might know about art, and be absolutely open to being in the moment while painting.

I spent 3 whole days painting and every time somebody said "it's lunch time" or "time to go", I was like "Already?" Time flew. I learned so much and yet I felt like I could've watched Jesse paint and talk for another 5 days! He's very funny and generous with his teaching. He kept encouraging everybody to ask, ask, ask!

What more can I say? I had a blast!

The images below show the different stages of one of the painting I did during the workshop.

Worth. Every. Penny.