Friday, April 29, 2011

So different...

I painted this awhile ago...maybe 2 months or so...maybe more, can't remember. Anyway, I was going through my paintings yesterday and found this one, and now that I look at it, I'm thinking how different it looks from everything else I've been making. Mainly the colors.

Ok, so the photo is not the best one. I took it with my iPhone and at night, so the colors are 'cooler' than when you see it in person, but still, you can see that the palette is much more muted than my other paintings. And the funny thing is, I was so afraid of colors up until recently...I never thought I would paint with such bright and vivid colors!

And the first time I realized that was happening (the use of bright colors, I mean), was when I was putting together the header image for this blog. When I looked at all those paintings together I was like "wow, that is colorful!". Funny how these things work. Some things are right in front of you, but you don't see it at first...

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