Friday, May 6, 2011

Can we talk about something else?

Today I wanted to talk about a few things I'm loving right now...


This is THE BEST thing when you don't feel like (or don't have time for) styling your hair, but you don't want to risk a bad hair day. Seriously. I've had it for some time, but now it has been even more useful, ever since I decided to cut bangs (let's face it, bangs can be a little temperamental...). I swear I just get out of the shower, put a little bit of this all over my hair and let it dry. No blow drying. Awesome!


 I am a little bit of a mint fanatic, and that makes me a hard person to please when it comes to this subject...nothing ever seems good enough. But now that I found these...I can't stop eating them! Damn you, See's Candies!  SERIOUSLY delicious! Help!

Best solution to use with racerback tops. You just attach those little thingies on your regular t-shirt bra and voilà! You got yourself a racerback bra!

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  1. I am growing my bangs back out right now. I love bangs until I hate is a cycle I have gone through forever. Good to know about this product for future reference.