Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Painting together

When your 2-year-old princess asks you "Mommy, can I use your paint? I'll be very careful..." while making the sweetest hand gestures to help explain HOW careful, she pretty much doesn't leave you any option but to say yes. But bringing her little table to my carpeted "art room" doesn't work - I've tried! So I decided to take everything to the dining table and ask my son if he wanted to join us. He did.

So the 3 of us sat down and started working on our master pieces...

We only had the primary colors to work with, plus black and white. So I started explaining to them that if you mix yellow and blue you'll get green, red + yellow = orange and so on and so forth. And they got really into it! Well, mostly my son. If you look at his art (below), you'll see orange, green and purple, and he made all of them. Cool!

My daughter, well, what she really enjoys is to keep slapping paint on to the paper. And I mean A LOT of paint. Her brush might as well be a spoon, because that's how she gets paint! Can you imagine the scene? Her piece is more...abstract? :-)

And this is Mommy's art. Hey, I had limited resources, alright? Only ONE brush!

This is our poor palette after we were done. But all joking aside, we enjoyed our family time. All 5 minutes of it.

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  1. Ha, ha. I loved your last statement. That's my house completely. I spend 10 minutes setting up an art activity, and get excited that I might actually get to do some painting too... but then, of course, they are completely done and ready to start something new after only 5 minutes. And yet, every time it surprises me, "You're done? Already?" Sigh.