Sunday, May 1, 2011

Time to last!

I have been so involved in this blog thing - setting it up, making it look pretty and fully functional, trying to find out the difference between being a follower and a subscriber, and blah blah blah - that I hadn't painted in...well, awhile!

Anyway, this weekend, while dear hubby took the kids to the pool, I finally had some time to myself and decided to work on a painting that I had started awhile ago.

When I first started this piece, I was very much with Flora Bowley in mind and the fabulous way she creates layer upon layer of color, not worrying about what's she's gonna pull from there later on, but instead just being in the moment and having fun with the process. So I tried to mimic her style so I could have a good first layer, with lots of variation and color, to build upon.

That's my piece after the first layer.

And that's Flora. Photo by Tara Morris. You can see her photos here.
Anyway, I was so proud of my accomplishment afterwards (I really think I let go and made a good 'mess' here!) that I fell into the most basic mistake of all: I got attached. Now I was scared to touch it and ruin it! And so it sat in my studio for awhile...

I guess I finally got tired of looking at it, because yesterday I grabbed and thought "ok, time for a makeover!" And here's what came out of it:

In the end, I don't think I ruined it after all. I'm pleased with it. But I'm glad I took my time too. The wise Jesse Reno once said that's why you should work on several pieces at once. Less chance of getting attached to them. And if that happens, you can always work on another piece until you're ready to come back to the first one.


  1. Hi Joana. Your blog looks great and good for you getting back to painting. I know setting up the whole blog is lots of work. I really like how your piece came out. The colors are very uplifting. It is great you showed the progress too.

  2. Hi Joana, I saw your post in the GYPO group. Congrats on your new blog! Your painting is beautiful!!! Its so bright and colourful. Great to read that you've signed up for Flora Bowley's workshop. You will LOVE it. I recently attended one of her workshops and it was a fantastic experience! Wini xo

  3. I love this piece and you adore the same artists I do. :) I love the colors and everything. I have not had time to paint, I have been busy with another online workshop called 21 Secrets for Visual Journaling. 21 artists under one roof! :) So some is painting some is collage its pretty cool. My dream is to go to one of Flora's or Jesse's workshops. Oh I love Teesha Moore also. :) Your blog looks awesome. I still am not technical with mine. I love your banner too. :)

  4. Hi Joana, I found you via GYPO on also. Gorgeous colours in your painting and I love what came out of it. I just did one of Flora's workshops in Australia. It was truly amazing.