Monday, May 9, 2011

Who did this?

I took an online painting workshop a few months ago - Get Your Paint On - and one of the teachers once said that painting is like a U-shaped process, meaning that you start on top, get frustrated along the way, until you reach the bottom of the U - which is when you want to give up, throw the painting away and pretty much find a new career. However, if you push through and keep going, you will go back up again and come out on the other side.

It's a simplistic explanation, but quite true. Plus, it was nice to be reassured that FRUSTRATION IS A PART OF THE PROCESS and that every artist goes through that.

Anyway, why did I start with that? Because I'm feeling at the bottom of the U today. Weird thing is, instead of happening in the middle of a painting, it's happening in the middle of a 'period of paintings', if you will.

I painted something this weekend, and I went in with NO PLANS whatsoever. I had absolutely nothing in mind in terms of colors, subject, style...and in the end, I didn't recognize the painting. I didn't see ME in there. Is that weird?

Here's the progression:

(note: these are 2 separate 12x12 chipboards that I taped to the table. I wanted to paint them together, so they would look like they "belonged" together, even after separated.)

Mess of colors...

Closed my eyes and drew a little bit with a pencil. Then I started painting some of the shapes.

Decided to add black to the outside. I still have NO idea where this is going.

It was at this point that I saw a dog...

So I painted black everything that WASN'T the dog.

And that's the painting after I separated the 2 halves.

Seriously, WHO DID THIS?


  1. hola joanna,

    Your pieces are very klee in a way. I love the rich whimsical lines and colors, very beautiful!

  2. I know what you're saying. I get this from time to time too. Funnily enough I do see you in this painting but I also relate to that feeling that you don't recognise it; it's happening to me quite a lot recently.

    I think it's good sometimes to go in with no ideas and see what comes out of the brush. I don't always love the outcome of these little excursions but you can always paint over it!

    And sometimes you stumble across new techniques or colour combinations or ways to hold the brush or whatever it might be. The thing is not to judge it, keep walking!

  3. Really interesting to see the progression of the image and good reminder about the U element to creating.

    I'm just starting my adventures with painting - a little start with Get Your Paint On and then a massive kick start with the Flora Bowley workshop at Do What You Love - where funnily enough I shared a house with Tara on the post above ! How funny :)