Monday, May 16, 2011

A word on globalization and kindness

Soon after I started painting, I decided to start this blog. I've seen SO many GREATS artists' blogs - that I now follow - and I feel it is such a great way to not only get to know their work, but their way of approaching art, their tips and tricks, and, yes, a little bit of THEM as people, not just as artists. Every morning I get my iPad, open Flipboard (thanks, Cristina!) and browse the latest posts of all the blogs I follow. I like it, it makes me feel...connected. Plus, you always get to learn a thing or two.

In a way, the 'feeling connected' played a big part on my decision to keep a blog. I wanted to not only 'feel' connected to other artists, but actually BE connected. As long as I only read everybody else's blogs, nobody knows I'm here...but by having a blog I can give back, I can participate... I feel like one of the group.

And let me tell you: what a cool group this is! Up until now, I haven't had one single bad interaction with any artists I came in contact with. Everybody is very kind and generous, and every question I've ever asked, somebody answered. I've emailed - and heard back - from Flora Bowley, Jesse Reno, Mati Rose, Cathy Nichols, Sunshine Barlowe, to name a few. And they all had nothing but nice and encouraging words. That's the artistic community for you.

On Flickr and Twitter, some of the artists I admire (and follow) are now following me back! How cool is that?
(I sound like such a dork right now...)

The encouragement is coming from other places too. My friends, from the dearest and closest to the ones I haven't talked to in years and even the ones I have never met in person, they have ALL been so kind and receptive, it is unbelievable! It really fills my heart with warmth and makes me feel like I'm on the right path.

So, thanks. Online and "offline" friends.

PS: boring post with no photos, right? Sorry...

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