Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I know who Wonder Woman is!

Let me tell you about my friend Cris. We've known each other for a long time. If you'd met her you might wonder WHY we're friends. We don't have that much in common. We don't have the same taste in clothes, in home furnishings, in music, in food, you name it! You could even assume we're friends by association, because, after all, I was friends with her husband first - we went to college together. But that is not the case. I like her and I know she likes me.

My family and I just spent the last weekend with them. And every single time we meet them, I wonder "how does she do it?" And this is what I came up with: she is Wonder Woman!

She has a fighting spirit. She works fulltime at a job she is not particularly loving at the moment, but will not quit; she is always hopeful that things will work out for the best.

She's all about family. She has 2 of the sweetest kids I've ever met, who adore her, and for whom she will do anything, even a last-minute mohawk on both boys for Crazy Hair Day when she is already late for work. She works out religiously, but that never gets in the way of the quality time she spends with her husband and kids. She hates cooking, but will whip up a healthy meal for the kids in 10 minutes - and they'll eat it!

Always on top of things... She doesn't let her laundry accumulate. Ever. You can find her at least once a day loading and/or unloading the washer or dryer. Her house is always spotless! There isn't one magazine that is not where it's supposed to be. And still you will hear her complain to her husband about the dust on their glass-top coffee table! Invisible dust, I'll tell you! I didn't see anything!

She speaks her mind too. She'll give you her opinion, always. Leave it to her to blurt out, in the middle of a conversation about my paintings and how everybody is impressed and proud of me, that "the only ones I don't like as much are the ones with a face in it". That is so typical Cris.  She does things like that from time to time, and if you knew her as much as I do, you would KNOW she means well. When I was pregnant with my daughter, she once asked me if I had chosen the name. I said "Yes, it will be Aurora!" She started laughing and said "No, seriously!" Since I didn't laugh, she knew I was being serious, and even through the phone I could feel her embarrassment, trying to fix her faux-pas by saying that that name didn't sound like me. But I couldn't be upset with her. I just know she would never say anything to hurt a friend on purpose.

Plus, she is good. She is one of those genuinely good people. She does good just because she can. From the little things, like making Mac'n'Cheese for breakfast just because my daughter asked her to, to the big things, like helping a friend when they're going through a really rough patch.

All I know is I came back from their house with an inexplicable need to clean out all the junk I don't need, to not let the dishes pile up in the sink, to play more with my kids, to let my husband know how much I appreciate him more frequently. Time management was never my forte and I feel I'm always trying to keep up with my own life...I can't even write this freakin' post without being interrupted 5 times!

Anyway, Wonder Woman, keep up the good work.
Your secret is safe with me.
And with whoever reads my blog.


  1. Ai, q post lindo!!!! Tb quero uma declaração dessas, hahaha!!! ;)

  2. By the way, se vc não adivinhou ainda a "mamãe coruja" desse comment é a Cricri! ;)

  3. Q homenagem linda, Jô! E concordo contigo! Ela é incansável e determinada! Um exemplo! Bjs