Monday, June 20, 2011

Painting and Music

I was never one to enjoy music while I'm working. I find it very distracting.

Don't get me wrong, I like music. I love music. My radio is ALWAYS on when I'm driving. I'm ALWAYS singing in the shower. Sometimes I can even be caught jumping around and shaking my head like crazy in the middle of my kids' playroom, if a really good song is playing. ;-)

But for work, no. Mind you, I was (am?) a graphic and web designer, and depending on the kind of job you're doing - coding, for instance - you have to really concentrate. A missing quotation mark can really mess up your code.

Ever since I started painting, though, it's been different. I have almost the opposite feeling. Well, no. I think maybe it's the same feeling - music can be distracting - except now distracting is GOOD! When I'm listening to music (and therefore singing, cause I'm always singing), I pay less attention to what I'm doing, which means I don't censor myself as much, which means I'm freer to do whatever I feel like, to make mistakes, to let go.

Especially in the beginning stages, when I'm just layering colors, this is a great thing!
I am almost (keyword: almost) totally in the moment and not thinking 1 or 2 steps ahead. That's my goal, to really be in the present and enjoy every step of the process without thinking about what I'm gonna do next. And the music helps me do that.

Not only music, though. I have a computer in my studio, and sometimes I'm painting while watching a movie on Netflix instant streaming! While you're concentrated on the dialogues, you use more of your instincts on the painting, you think less. I find it very liberating.

The painting below is in its first stages. I was working on that while listening to a Kelly Rae Roberts video this afternoon. And I'm quite happy with how it looks so far!

And on a completely unrelated matter (well, it's related to art), here's my new easel:

I think I'm in love!!! <3


  1. ooo i really like this as is :)

  2. i loooove your new easel! What brand is it? it looks so much more sturdy than mine!

  3. I don't really know the brand of the easel - I bought the floor sample, it was the last one! -, but I got it at Blick Art Materials. Here's the link (I think it's the same one):

  4. What an amazing easel! Your piece is so full of color. I love listening to music or podcasts while I create. Ciao!

  5. Hi Joana, I'm so glad I found your blog, I always loved your work from Get Your Paint On, now I can check in to see what you have been painting.

    I couldn't agree with you more about music and painting to keep one's brain engaged and not thinking about the process. I usually find the most primal music I can, play it as loud as possible and move to the music as I paint. My brush is often painting with the beat and when I get stuck I start dancing to get myself out of my head and back on track.

    Totally jealous of your easel :D