Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Waiting for Amazon

One thing my kids always like to do is to go to a bookstore and spend some time there. Of course we mainly stay next to the kids books, so I first stop at the Crafts section, grab a couple of books that seem interesting and then go sit down while my kids take half of the books off the shelves.

So yesterday, while doing that, I came across 2 books that were amazing! So I quickly took my iPhone out, launched my Amazon app, and compared the prices. Yes, much cheaper, so "add to cart", please.

And the books are:

Flavor for Mixed Media: A Feast of Techniques for Texture, Color and Layers

Mary Beth Shaw

Unfurling, A Mixed-Media Workshop with Misty Mawn: Inspiration and Techniques for Self-Expression through Art
Misty Mawn

I also got another book - The Artist Unique, by Carmem Torbus - that I'm hoping is as good as the other two. I only saw a preview of this one through the "look inside" feature at Amazon.

Now I'm anxiously waiting for them to arrive...


  1. oooo....I have Unfurling and love it. Let me know how the other 2 are.

  2. Thank you for sharing these! I only have a couple mixed-media books and these would be a great addition!

    The header on your blog is beautiful, Joana. Off to explore...:)