Thursday, August 11, 2011

I, too, am taking flight

It occurred to me that I might have never mentioned here one of the firsts - if not THE first - artist that inspired me to start painting: Kelly Rae Roberts (I'm sure she doesn't need an introduction, but you can visit her blog by clicking on her name).

I discovered Kelly Rae awhile back, bought a couple of her prints, bookmarked her website and started following her blog. Then I bought her book. And, on October of 2010, I created my first "Kelly-Rae-inspired" collage/painted box. That's how I started painting.

My next project was another box, made out of a recycled 'flexible straws' box. Also Kelly Rae inspired, but I had also just bought a Green Craft Magazine, so I was all about reusing, reducing, recycling!

Then, I finally had the courage to work on another surface - not a box - and call it 'a painting'.
Again, I was all about Kelly Rae's tricks and tips. I bought all kinds of materials that she recommended!

Now, almost a year later, I'm listening to Kelly Rae's advices again. This time, I'm taking her e-course: Flying Lessons. It just started this week and, so far, I like it! I'm really hopeful that this course will make a real difference for me, make me see things differently, make me believe that it can happen for me too.

BWS tips button

Are you a believer? ;-)


  1. I love your art and I am now following your blog. I would love for you to follow mine!!/ccfajardo

  2. Hello Joana! Your work is beautiful and the colors are so uplifting!!!! I'm definitely following! Happy Flying!

  3. I love your work, I love the fact that so many people have started their creative endeavors after feeling Kelly Rae Roberts inspiration, I am one of those myself! I like that your art has an essence of yours! Althought inspire by her work! Good Job, my fellow flier friend

  4. I love your Kelly Rae your story. Your paintings are beautiful. So glad I stopped by. Do you have a FB Biz page? I'll check the class list again.

  5. Joana! Your creations are so beautiful! I'm very inspired by your leap. Thank you for sharing and good luck to you. Happy flying! :)