Friday, September 30, 2011

New iPhone look!

I totally forgot to show you my latest purchase: a new customized iPhone case, with one of my paintings printed on it! I ordered it from Uncommon. They can print virtually anything on this case, and it's very easy to upload your own images and save your designs. The quality is amazing, I have to say. I'm very happy with it!

Changing the subject, I'm still doing Katie Kendrick's class that I mentioned on my last post, but I have nothing new to show today. The class is still amazing, Katie's videos and lessons are still awesome, but I haven't been the most dedicated student. No, that's not right; I haven't had time to do the exercises, that's more the case here. I hardly have time to read each lesson and watch every video without my 3-year-old daughter coming up to me wanting something. 

How do other moms do this? Seriously, the next online class I take has to be about "Being a mom and an artist: how to manage your time". Does anybody know of a class like that??? ;-)

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Learning with Katie

After my Flying Lessons with Kelly Rae, I decided to take another class - a painting class, this time. So this week I joined Katie Kendrick and a super talented group of artists/students and started LAYERED IMPRESSIONS. The registration is extended until tonight, Sep 18th, so if you think this is something you would be interested in, don't think too much! ;-)

Anyway, I am quite enjoying the class so far. Katie has a new lesson every day of the week (except weekends) and always with a video, in which she demonstrates everything. It's awesome!
This week we had to draw a couple of faces with our non-dominant hand - life drawing faces isn't hard enough, right?

And it was so good! So freeing! SO fun! Not worrying about whether or not it looks realistic, if the eyes are the same size or if the nose is too big...whatever! Just do it! Aaaahhhh!

Originally drawn with my left hand, then colored with pastels and gesso.

This one was first transferred onto another paper using gel medium, and then colored.

Yeah, they may not be the most beautiful women you've ever seen, but you have no idea how scary the idea of drawing a human face has always been for me. At least one that doesn't look like a cartoon!

All I know is I never looked forward for a Monday before! Can't wait to see what Katie has for us this week!

I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New business cards!!

Yesterday I got the new business cards I ordered from Moo. What a pleasantly unexpected surprise that was! I didn't think they were gonna arrive so soon - Moo got some points there, and I hadn't even opened the package yet!

Speaking of package, that's where the cuteness begins: a little box with all your cards inside. Adorable. (OBS: I only ordered 50 cards, so I don't know their packaging when you order, say, 500!)

Inside the box, "MINE" and "THEIRS" dividers for you to keep your cards separate from the cards you're gonna get from other people. Cuteness #2.

I loved that you can upload several different images to the same order too. It's so much more fun to have more than one design! People get more excited about 'choosing' one. Really!

Then, on the other side, my info, of course, and a QR code, just as the "cherry on top"!

Ah, yes, I forgot to mention the quality! :-) I am very happy with it! And the colors too, almost an exact match to what I was seeing on my iMac.

Will absolutely order them again!