Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"A-ha" or "Duh" moment?

Today I was using, for the first time, a couple of new acrylic colors that I ordered for the (ahhhh!) Flora Bowley workshop I will be attending in 2 weeks (again: ahhhhh!). 

It was supposed to be very quick, I didn't have a lot of time to paint at that moment, so I just put a few colors on my palette, grabbed a brush and - get this - SAT DOWN! Wow! I'm painting sitting on the floor! Nice! Never done that before! Will be doing it more from now on.

So, 'a-ha' or 'duh' moment?

Maybe both.

PS: photo by my precious 3-year-old daughter. :-)


  1. Hi Joana, I know just how precious time to paint is. Your lil girl has taken a great photo, that's precious in itself having her take your photo in your element. Beautiful colour combos. Where are you doing the workshop with Flora? You will just love it! She's such a warm beautiful open person. It's a really fantastic class. Enjoy! xxx

  2. WAIT..STOP there! Are you going to the Flora Bowley course in Seattle Nov 12th weekend?? Julie