Saturday, October 8, 2011

Letting my heart go free...

This painting has been ongoing for awhile now. At least for a month and half, according to this post, where I showed I technique I used here.

But that's my process, I always have a bunch of unfinished paintings at any given time. And I like it like that. Makes me worry less about their outcomes: if I 'mess up', there's always another one to work on.

Up until this stage (above), I was adding color after color, not thinking much about what I was doing or where I was going. Then, one day, I looked at one of the black lines and saw a face profile. So I went with it (below).

Everything started coming together after that... 
"What is that 'window' thing on the left?" - Maybe it's a bird cage.
"What is she looking at?" - Well, she's looking up, so, whatever it is, it has to be flying...hey, maybe it flew right out of that bird cage! It's her HEART! She's letting her heart go free! 

Still don't know if it's finished or not, but I like where it's going, and the story behind it. It has everything to do with me and where I am right now. I'm letting my heart (well, I'm trying, anyway) lead the way, guide me, show me what I'm looking for...

Tacky? Cliche? Well, maybe, but that's what I want now. Perhaps that's the World's Biggest Summit effect already and, if it is, even better. My heart is open.


  1. I really like where it is going! I love reading about the process too. My inbox is getting filled with Summit emails...need to get busy! Julie

  2. I too love how your painting turning out, it's beautiful.