Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Practicing unattachment

You can clearly see the similar color schemes, can't you?

I always knew that it was a good thing to have several paintings going at the same time. I've said this here many times and I've always tried to do that. There is always more than one unfinished painting in my studio at all times, for sure. But never, before this week, had I really taken full advantage of this...

And I'll explain.

I have this really annoying habit of not wanting any - ANY! - paint to go to waste. "Why is that annoying?", you may be asking. Because my attachment starts there! I'm so hung up on the fact that I mixed more paint than I need that I start using it all, even though I know I should stop. I just can't bare the thought of waste! See? Annoying.

So, anyway...

The other day I was trying to achieve a certain shade of purple and, when I finally got it, I had a TON of paint! This time, though, instead of covering the entire canvas with it, I grabbed a couple more substrates and started splashing the purple around!

After that, I started doing the same thing with all the colors I used: poured them on my palette and went from canvas to canvas... It's so "duh!", I know... I'm in a 'duh' week, I guess (see my previous post). 

All I can say is that, up until now, I'm having NO attachment issues. It is quite freeing to go from one painting to the next, applying color after color, completely unaware of what's gonna happen next.

I even let my daughter paint a little bit too. That's unattachment for ya!

If she is meant to be an artist and realizes that at age 3, more power to her!
It took me 33 years more than that!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing!
    The same habit here, too! :D

  2. I don't like to waste paint, either. I love how you aren't doing it. :) And the one that your girlie is working on is awesome!

  3. Those are beautiful! And I love that your daughter is painting at age 3!

    I don't worry so much about waste because I paint with (literally) dots of fluid acrylic but I was so bad about trying to make 10 things at once. By the time I finished the 5th one, I was bored with the series! I had to finally learn to limit myself to 3 at a time. That has worked well for me. I tend to paint rather small though. I need to go crazy on a large canvas like yours! xoxo

  4. Love it! I started doing the same thing to use up my paint, it's so freeing! I love that you let your daughter contribute also :)