Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why I can't do commissions just yet

In general, when I first started painting, my friends were very supportive of me and my art. Of course, being your friends, you kinda expect them to support you, but more than that, they seemed to genuinely like what I was doing. Even when I wasn't sure I did.

What really took me by surprise was the support of my not-so-close friends, acquaintaces, people that I only met twice or three times! When you put yourself out there, though, and have a blog, and a Facebook Biz Page, etc, that's what you want, ultimately: you want OTHER people (not only your close friends and supporters) too see your work and to hopefully fall in love with it. But when you do most of your marketing online, you don't realize that this is happening until you get their feedback, whether it's a comment in your blog or a "like" on Facebook.

There is this girl, in particular... she's friends with a few of my friends and we met a few times, at birthday parties and other social gatherings. So we're not very close and yet, every time I post a new picture on my Facebook, she leaves me a comment, and she cheers me on, she likes my paintings, and I sense she really wants me to succeed. This absolutely fills my heart with joy, to know that there is somebody out there rooting for me just "because"...

Anyway, the other day she asked me if I could do a painting with 2 boys. I only paint girls, for some reason, but she has two sons, so she wanted a boy painting. "I'll try". That's what I told her. A few days later I started 'trying'. The picture you see on top of this post is how that painting began.

But the whole time I was painting I wasn't 'feeling' it. It felt forced, planned, calculated. I usually start painting without any idea of where it's going, and this one already had an outcome from the get-go! I tried to keep going, because this is someone I really didn't want to disappoint. But it wasn't working; I couldn't finish it. Maybe she won't care so much when I tell her, but I do hope she understands my reasons and know that I really did try.

I am so not ready for commissions! :-(


  1. been there, done that! doing commissions in that manner is really hard. i applaud you for trying. so much of what we learn as artists comes from the "mistakes." i hope you'll keep that canvas around, b/c it may come to you later when the pressure is off.

  2. Interesting. I'm terrible when I "have" to make something. Similar to how I freeze up when I have to take a test. Your artwork is so beautiful and uniquely you, so be thankful for the blessings you do have. I'm sure your new friend will understand.

  3. I sooooo understand you. I have the same problem with commissions. I have to do a commission, but I cannot even get started. It`s so much pressure. When I get that done, I won`t do that again. Many greetings

  4. i understand this...when i begin a painting i usually do not have the end in mind. it evolves.
    so when someone asks me to do a painting, they know it will not be something very "specific" it may have the "feel" of something i have already done, but never a copy.