Monday, July 16, 2012

It took me a year... consider this painting DONE.

This is what happens sometimes...I start a painting like I always do - adding a lot of colors, making different marks...

layer 1

Then I added another layer, refining some shapes and finding new ones...

layer 2

By the third layer, when I decided to "embellish" a little bit more, I started to actually like it.


That is the worst possible thing that can get attached. 

I like it! Now what? What can I do that WON'T ruin this? 

layer 3

So I put it aside and started working on something else. And this painting kept staring back at me for a year! A YEAR! I couldn't believe it when I saw the date of the first picture I took of it!

Suddenly, one day, I just wanted to finish it. I wasn't worried about making a "mistake" anymore, and that took all the pressure off, making way for inspiration to come.

final painting
Now I love it! LOVE IT! Love the colors, the shapes, the transitions. Am I allowed to love my own painting? I hope so. And I hope that other people will SEE the love in it too...

Have a great day!


  1. Lovely vibrant colours and loving all the layers. I'm glad you got it finished. I know just what it's like!

  2. It's beautiful! I laughed when I read "FREEZE!" Oh my, I can relate.

    I've had one sit there for nearly two years before I picked it up again. And now I'm letting it sit again.


  3. I love the colors and the wonderful design - beautiful!

  4. Beautiful painting Joana, I love it too and I love seeing the layers and hearing your story which I can totally relate to.

  5. You are a painter!

    You have an innate feeling for color and composition that can readily be described as a lyrical narrative. Don't kid yourself. . . you know when to stop a painting from being overworked.

    You have great ability. . .