Monday, October 28, 2013

About time...

If you're here from Studio Crescendoh, welcome! I'm very excited to be the Studio's Guest Curator this week! And I felt that this called for a new blog post - nothing like a little kick in the behind to get you going sometimes. It's been almost 2 months after all!  *sorry*

So anyway, if you happen to follow my Facebook page and/or my Instagram feed, you probably know this already, but just in case, this is what I've been working on lately:

I think "the girls" look pretty cute on necklaces, yes? They'll be on my Etsy shop pretty soon, stay tuned!

Speaking of cute new products, Society6 is now offering TOTE BAGS! So be sure to check them out too! I got one and love it!

Have a great week! And a good Halloween! ;-)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

On Washi Tape

It's been only a few months since I became more familiar with washi tapes. I had heard a lot about it from other bloggers/crafters, but never actually used it before I got my first batch on Etsy, a couple of months ago. My initial idea was to integrate these tapes into my paintings, as a way of creating texture and more interest to the piece. A new material to experiment with.

What I DIDN'T know was that I would be using them in different ways too!

First, I decided to tape the edges of my canvasses. Instead of painting them, or masking them to keep them white, I thought that "washi-ed" edges might look cool. And it does! I love it!

Now, the second idea was a collaboration between my 5-year-old daughter and me. She made some art and asked me if I wanted to hang somewhere. I said "sure, babe, I'll buy a frame and we'll do that." She told me no, that she didn't want any frame, she wanted me to TAPE it to the wall. And just as I was about to dismiss the idea, it came to me: WASHI tape!

Now I have a whole wall filled with the kids drawings!

There are so many positive points about using washi for that:

- it's easy, cheap, and colorful;
- no nails!
- it's a work in progress: just keep adding to it!
- no more space? tired of the old art? Just take it down with no damage to your wall!

The best part is that now you can get them in major stores! Staples, Office Depot and Target are all carrying them now!

What have YOU been doing with your washi tapes?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I started the painting below when I was in Flora Bowley's workshop, almost 2 years ago. It sat on my studio for all this time, and I never touched it again...

...until last week, that is! I mixed a lot of paint for another piece, and I had all this extra paint, staring back at me, so I just went for it and, like Flora likes to say, I did something bold!

Hopefully it won't take me another 2 years to continue working on it.
Yeah, I'm sure I'll do something with it pretty soon.
Stay tuned!

PS: in case somebody is reading this and thinking "ooh, are you crazy? Aren't you sorry you ruined it?", the answer is no. It's actually much easier to work on it now, knowing I don't 'have to' preserve any specific parts or anything. Plus, I don't think that painting represented me anymore, for some reason. Change is good.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Jennifer Mercede

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting one of my long time artist crush Jennifer Mercede. I've admired her art for awhile and was very happy when I heard she was gonna come back to Studio Crescendoh this year, after having missed her first class here last year.

It was a fun weekend, for sure! Jennifer was a fabulous teacher, very generous and approachable, and after 5 minutes talking to her I felt like we were old friends!

She had us to blind contour drawings of our table partners. The picture above is the drawing I made of...recognize her? Yeah, you're right, it's Tina! ;-) Seriously, though, it was fun to draw without looking at the paper - and without taking the pen off the paper. It was so freeing to not be concerned about the end result! A good exercise!

Then we got our boards and started scribbling with ball point pen, markers, crayons, and whatever we had on hand. After scribbling, doodling! There's a difference, you know!

Finally, time to paint! Start filling in the shapes you created with you doodles...or not! Or go crazy with the paint everywhere! "Are you having fun?" is what Jennifer kept asking us. That is pretty much her approach to painting: do what it feels fun, draw what you like, pick your favorite color, don't worry about the outcome.

After the first layer was dry, I got my ball point pen and did some more doodling, wrote a few sentences, did some stamping...THEN - and I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of that - Jennifer had us put a blindfold on - not joking! - and slap paint all over our boards until we covered 90% of it!!! 


That'll teach you not to become attach to your painting halfway through it!

The picture above is what my board looked like after the "cover 90%" exercise (I used the orange color) and a few other colors...and more doodling...and writing into the paint...and stamping...

The next day we had a model come in so we could do some figure drawing...without looking at the paper, of course! And without taking the pencil off the paper, of course!

Many many sketchbook drawings later, we were ready to do use our wood boards. Did I mention how much fun it is to draw with a ball point pen on wood! So good! Sometimes I would use my non-dominant hand to scribble. It's good to have LESS control sometimes.

And this is how my (second) board was by the end of the workshop. Not finished. Neither is the other one. But I'll tell you this: I got everything I expected - maybe even more - from this class and from Jennifer. I'm happy.

Have you met my friend Jennifer Mercede? ;-)

Great weekend, great group of artists!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Getting it done!

Lola and Mommy painting together.

So one of these days I looked at my studio walls and floors and realized the crazy amount of unfinished paintings I have.

Doodle Me Happy

I start painting after painting and never consider them done! I keep coming back to them and adding more stuff...which would be ok if I wasn't talking about dozens of them! They're beginning to pile up!


Plus, now I'm thinking that maybe I do that out of know, if I show you a photo of a painting and say "work in progress" and you don't like it, it's ok, because "I'm not done with it yet". Get it?


Well, now I decided it's enough. Once I heard an artist (don't remember who) saying that she doesn't like to hold on to paintings for too long because she likes to keep the energy moving... Or something like that. And she was so right! So, slowly but surely, I'm going through all my paintings, one by one, and actually FINISHING them. And by finishing them, I also mean, signing them, scanning them, and putting them for sale.



A sense of accomplishment, you know? That I'm not walking in circles, but actually going somewhere now! Aaahhhh!

Up and Away

All the paintings you see in this post, yep, you guessed it! DONE! 
And for sale through a click of the mouse! ;-)

What have you been crossing off your list?

Monday, March 4, 2013

I don't know what happened...

Suddenly, it's March 2013! How can my previous post be from October of last year? Don't know. Life happened, I guess.

my table @ Stephanie Lee's plaster workshop

Last month I was in a plaster class taught by Stephanie Lee. It was very cool...messy - oh, my, is it messy! - but cool. Stephanie was really nice and funny, and always ready to answer all the questions from her students. All in all a great weekend.

lots of pieces started that weekend

Me and plaster, though, different story. I thought he had hit it off, but I was wrong. Two days after the workshop, I was home, working on my pieces, when...

my pretty cups - gone!

second piece - gone!

before after


All of my plaster pieces are gone. I still have the ones made with joint compound, at least. And I'm still working on them. Thinking back now, all the pieces that cracked were on the same kind of substrate: those artist cradled boards, which I LOVE and were supposed to be great for working with plaster, according to the master herself, Stephanie. I must've done something wrong when mixing the plaster, that has to have been it!

little joint compound pieces

Last night I was working on a piece for my daughter's bedroom. Not finished yet, but I'm still not quite sure where to go from here! I'm enjoying the journey, though, isn't that what counts?

Happy Monday, everyone! Go make some art!