Monday, March 4, 2013

I don't know what happened...

Suddenly, it's March 2013! How can my previous post be from October of last year? Don't know. Life happened, I guess.

my table @ Stephanie Lee's plaster workshop

Last month I was in a plaster class taught by Stephanie Lee. It was very cool...messy - oh, my, is it messy! - but cool. Stephanie was really nice and funny, and always ready to answer all the questions from her students. All in all a great weekend.

lots of pieces started that weekend

Me and plaster, though, different story. I thought he had hit it off, but I was wrong. Two days after the workshop, I was home, working on my pieces, when...

my pretty cups - gone!

second piece - gone!

before after


All of my plaster pieces are gone. I still have the ones made with joint compound, at least. And I'm still working on them. Thinking back now, all the pieces that cracked were on the same kind of substrate: those artist cradled boards, which I LOVE and were supposed to be great for working with plaster, according to the master herself, Stephanie. I must've done something wrong when mixing the plaster, that has to have been it!

little joint compound pieces

Last night I was working on a piece for my daughter's bedroom. Not finished yet, but I'm still not quite sure where to go from here! I'm enjoying the journey, though, isn't that what counts?

Happy Monday, everyone! Go make some art!