Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Getting it done!

Lola and Mommy painting together.

So one of these days I looked at my studio walls and floors and realized the crazy amount of unfinished paintings I have.

Doodle Me Happy

I start painting after painting and never consider them done! I keep coming back to them and adding more stuff...which would be ok if I wasn't talking about dozens of them! They're beginning to pile up!


Plus, now I'm thinking that maybe I do that out of know, if I show you a photo of a painting and say "work in progress" and you don't like it, it's ok, because "I'm not done with it yet". Get it?


Well, now I decided it's enough. Once I heard an artist (don't remember who) saying that she doesn't like to hold on to paintings for too long because she likes to keep the energy moving... Or something like that. And she was so right! So, slowly but surely, I'm going through all my paintings, one by one, and actually FINISHING them. And by finishing them, I also mean, signing them, scanning them, and putting them for sale.



A sense of accomplishment, you know? That I'm not walking in circles, but actually going somewhere now! Aaahhhh!

Up and Away

All the paintings you see in this post, yep, you guessed it! DONE! 
And for sale through a click of the mouse! ;-)

What have you been crossing off your list?