Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I started the painting below when I was in Flora Bowley's workshop, almost 2 years ago. It sat on my studio for all this time, and I never touched it again...

...until last week, that is! I mixed a lot of paint for another piece, and I had all this extra paint, staring back at me, so I just went for it and, like Flora likes to say, I did something bold!

Hopefully it won't take me another 2 years to continue working on it.
Yeah, I'm sure I'll do something with it pretty soon.
Stay tuned!

PS: in case somebody is reading this and thinking "ooh, are you crazy? Aren't you sorry you ruined it?", the answer is no. It's actually much easier to work on it now, knowing I don't 'have to' preserve any specific parts or anything. Plus, I don't think that painting represented me anymore, for some reason. Change is good.

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