Saturday, March 1, 2014

Good riddance, February!

battling the sickies

I don't know about you, but my February SUCKED! Good thing it's a short month! Between stomach bugs and fever and runny noses, we're finally emerging and rejoining society! Jeez!

I am no Pollyanna - not at ALL -, but in the spirit of seeing the glass half full, here were this month's highlights:

My girlie won her first stripe at her Jiu-Jitsu class! Look at that proud smile!

My son was sick for so long that he started to watch Food Network, and now he and dad are bonding over food!

Valentine's Day is always a good excuse to eat some chocolate.

Girlie painted...

...and Mommy painted.

Still, I've never been so glad to welcome March, and for more than one reason:

1- it's my son's Birthday today! 9 years old! Seems like yesterday he was a baby...and sometimes it feels like forever ago! It's a strange feeling...

2- both grandmas and aunts are coming from Brazil very very soon!

3- we're all going on a big family trip to Hawaii!!!

So here's to a great month to all of us!
Have a great weekend!!!