Thursday, October 23, 2014

The name of the game...or 'the game of the name'

If you like my Facebook page you've probably seen my post about finding names for some of my paintings. I usually have names for them by the time they're done - usually it's the first idea that comes into mind (those are the best!) - but some of them just don't speak to me as loudly, per se. Plus, in my opinion, there is a fine line between a cool name and a cheesy one; and sometimes it's hard to see that line when you're standing too close!

And that's why brainstoming is the best solution! Nothing better than a bunch of fresh eyes and fresh minds throwing in ideas to help spark creativity! Anyway, here are the paintings I needed help with:

And their names:

1- White Stones
2- Circus Town
3- Night Swimming
4- Once Upon a Purple
5- Pedaling Through
6- Luna Verde
7- Golden Forest
8- Leafy Birds
9- Cricrilicious
10- For Your Eyes Only

Today I have a few more that I can't seem to name:

I need suggestions!!! Pretty please?!


  1. Lá vão minhas crazy ideas;

    1- Libra Sun
    2- Are we there yet?
    3- Messaging
    4- Central Park
    5- Bird is the word

  2. Nao sou muito boa de dar nomes, mas aqui vao algumas ideias...

    1- Almost in Half
    2- Happy Portal
    3- Cycling
    4- Treasure Map
    5- Falling, falling